iOS 10 tidbit: Emergency Bypass overrides Do Not Disturb on a per-contact basis

iOS 10 Emergency Bypass silver iPhone screenshot 001

In iOS 10, each individual contact in the Contacts app now has a dedicated switch, called Emergency Bypass, which overrides the Do Not Disturb feature for that person. This handy new feature lets you permit audio and vibratory alerts from a specific person in your Contacts even when Do Not Disturb is enabled globally in your device’s Settings app…. Read the rest of this post here

iOS 10 tidbit: Emergency Bypass overrides Do Not Disturb on a per-contact basis” is an article by
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Feature Request: How Apple could enhance Do Not Disturb and VIP to better control notifications

There’s a new display and brightness feature in iOS 9.3 called Night Shift which “automatically shifts the colors of your display to the warm end of the color spectrum after dark.” Apple even says that Night Shift “may help you get a better night’s sleep” which is mainly why I’ve been using (and enjoying) the feature during the iOS 9.3 betas. Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep, right?

But Night Shift has me thinking about other ways iOS could be optimized to make our iPhones and iPads less distracting at night. The foundation for what I have in mind is already there: Do Not Disturb and VIP. But both of these features are currently short of where I’d like them to be to work best for me. Here’s what I’d love to see DND and VIP offer:


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